A quick search for 'Afghanistan' on Google images does not paint a pretty picture. War, soldiers, women in burkas and self-immolation:

Is this truly the only faith of Afghanistan today?

In March of 2013 I travelled to Kabul again, together with my partner Philip. Contrary to the traditional country side, Afghanistan's capital has undergone some radical changes over the last 10 years. To get a grasp of the society and it's values, we decided to ask inhabitants one simple question: 'what's your favourite place in the city?'

This question led us on an exciting journey throughout the city. Together with translator Najibullah and driver Zarif we portrayed people at their personal favourite spot in town.

We also gave our Dutch friends and family the opportunity to be part of our journey by posting questions for Afghans on our Facebook site. The answers to these questions can be found on this blog.

By giving the inhabitants of Kabul a voice, we hope to add an alternative view of Afghanistan. Not as a negotiation of the news, but rather as an addition. What does an ordinary Monday afternoon in Kabul look like? And what do we really know about each others lives?

English translation:


KABUL 2005

In 2005 I visited Kabul for the first time. In assignment for UNICEF I was writing a piece on educational possibilities for girls. 


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